Our Purpose

Every fantasy season starts the same way: the Draft. Whether you participate in a traditional or auction-style draft, the core of your fantasy team comes from your ability to draft effectively. Everyone prepares for the draft differently: some spend hours researching information from multiple sources, some print out one of the many draft lists available on the internet and follow it blindly, and some just fly by the seat of their pants. Whatever your degree of preparation, the end result is usually a list (whether printed or just mental) of rankings or dollar amounts for players from which you fill out your roster during the draft. The problem with the lists most people use is that they are usually a direct reproduction of someone else’s opinion, informed or otherwise. They end up relying solely on the rankings of so-called “fantasy experts,” yet have no idea how they came up with them. By using these lists, they are, in essence, trusting someone else to draft their team.

Some even choose to invest in so-called “premium content” for which they pay large sums of money to get “fantasy expert’s” draft rankings, dollar values, and so-called “fantasy projections” based on their scoring system. Is there anything more worthless than fantasy projections? Can anyone really see into the future at what a player will do in any given game, let alone for the entire year? No one who publishes any fantasy sports information has a crystal ball. Given the same information, we all have an equal chance of guessing correctly how well or poorly a player will perform. Why pay someone else when it’s so easy to become your own fantasy expert?

We feel there is a better way to prepare for your draft. This site was developed for two purposes. The first is to serve as a central source for people looking for free fantasy content on the internet. We research and identify sites that contain not only thorough fantasy research but also rankings and dollar values from which to prepare for your draft FOR FREE. The second is to enhance the fun of draft preparation by giving everyone the ability to create their own draft rankings. We often hear friends say, "I don't have time to do all that work.” That’s understandable, and in some cases, published cheat sheets from web sites and magazines work out fine. However, once you take the time to develop player rankings of your own, you will find that the results are worth the extra effort. Our Fantasy Ranker is a simple, easy-to-use, powerful tool that integrates fantasy information from dozens of sources and enables you to personalize you draft preparation and dominate your draft by using the best rankings possible: YOUR OWN.

We at Ranker Sports feel confident you will find the information provided helpful and will be completely satisfied with the benefits of investing in our Fantasy Ranker. We look forward to earning your business. Happy Drafting.