The Baseball Fantasy Ranker includes two valuable tools in preparation for your Fantasy Draft: comprehensive research and customizable draft cheat sheets.

  • Our Comprehensive Research: The Fantasy Ranker integrates our extensive research across dozens of fantasy sources to include the following for each player:

  • General Information: Name, Age, Team, Position Eligibility

  • Player statistics: Player statistics from the previous year are displayed directly on the draft prep sheets, so you'll know how each player performed in the major rotisserie categories.  Included stats: batting average, home runs, wins, saves, strikeouts, ERA, WHIP.

  • Average Ranking: An average of where each player ranks at his position. The Fantasy Ranker also includes each player’s highest and lowest rankings across multiple sources.

  • Average Auction Dollar Value: An average of how much each player is worth and how much team owners are actually paying for players during live drafts. The Fantasy Ranker also includes each player's highest and lowest dollar values assigned to him across multiple sources.

  • Average Draft Position: An average of where each player is being taken during live drafts.

  • Average Overall Value: An average of where each player ranks among all players at any position.

  • Previous Fantasy Points Scored: Once you input your league settings, the Fantasy Ranker displays each player's Fantasy Point total from the previous two years based on your league settings.

  • Creating Customized Draft Cheat Sheets: With this fantasy research in hand, you can then create your personalized Draft Cheat Sheets. The Fantasy Ranker allows you to input your own Position Rankings, Auction Dollar Values, Player Flags, and Tier information. Each position tab is fully interactive, allowing to you to sort players in any manner you wish (name, Average Ranking, team name, etc.) and to rank and renumber each position list with the simple click of a button. After entering information for each player, you can then generate your Draft Cheat Sheet, which displays your customized Position Rankings and Player Information all on a single sheet of paper that you can take with you to your draft.  Our newest version even allows you to customize your player pool for AL-only or NL-only leagues.

  • For more specifics, check out the Baseball Fantasy Ranker Instruction Sheet for the version of Microsoft Excel you will be using:    Excel 2007        Excel 1997-2003

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